Protein Coffee???



  • jhloves2knit
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    I've made frappuccino kind of thing mixing cold coffee w/ protein & ice... but hot... might be worth an experiment if you are willing to toss it.

    I make a similar kind of smoothie using ice cubes about 1/3 way up the blender pitcher, 2-3 cups leftover cold coffee, chocolate protein powder and stevia to taste. I make it in the afternoon when I'm sleepy, and it really wakes me up!
  • jaimrlx
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    I do 2 cups cooled coffee, ice and protein powder. It's fantastic. If I add my protein powder to water or anything that's too hot, it clumps up and gets gooey.. definitely do a trial run but it might depend on the powder.
  • beabria
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    I found this thread because I had the same question about adding protein supplement to my coffee. But, what I was thinking of doing is a little different - preparing the powder with water as normal, then adding that to my coffee as I would milk or cream. I guess you wouldn't get a full serving that way, but I usually drink several cups of coffee. :-/ Anyone tried it this way and if so, did it still clump if it was premixed?
  • parkparksarah
    I'm a coffee addict but I haven't tried putting protein powder on it.. I think for me... it will taste weird :))
  • ChristinWrites
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    I do this every morning for breakfast - either with chocolate or vanilla powder, a bit of organic light vanilla soy milk, and a bit of stevia and I blend it quickly - only a few seconds and it's amazing. I don't do protein powders any other way now because they dissolve so much better whipped into the coffee.
  • votkuhr
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    This is what I have all the time:
    - 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
    - 200 ml milk
    - 50 ml espresso

    The vanilla and coffee marry together so well <3
  • moondazed
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    You have to blend them together and then add some milk/almond milk and cinnamon! mmm
  • RLMsFitnessPal
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    I never thought about doing that. I'm surprised the idea never occurred to me because I am a big coffee drinker. I like the occasional blended Frappuccino, but mostly just drink plain hot coffee with a little creamer and Splenda. I'll have to try it.
  • Sinful_moon
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    It's delicious! Today I had mint chocolate protein coffee :3
  • tigergem86
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    yes it works. the coffee cannot be very hot though. I have only used an unflavored protein and half a scoop. i enjoy the syntrax medical unflavored or unjury unflavored (the best!). im sure you could use another flavor, like others have suggested but i am not that brave when it comes to coffee. i prefer chike coffee vs click coffee if you are looking to try a premade protein coffee drink. Syntrax also has one but i havent tried it yet.
  • _shannon92
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    It's delicious! Today I had mint chocolate protein coffee :3

    That is an AMAZING idea. I'm gonna try it tomorrow! :D
  • KameHameHaaaa
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    I blend tiramisu protein powder, brewed coffee, 1 tbsp creamer. Sometimes i add vanilla extract.

    nomnomnom :)
  • simplydelish2
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    I haven't tried it, but I do use Click Espresso protein shakes. They're fantastic, and have the equivalent of 2 shots of espresso per scoop.

    So agree - I use the Mocha and it's my go to breakfast!
  • MissJay75
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    Not only does they protein clump at higher temperatures, some of them will 'denature' which as I understand makes them less effective. You should contact the manufacture for your brand to see if the recommend heating it or not.

    I use cold coffee, 1/2 a scoop of protein powder, 2 pumps of vanilla coffee syrup and 2 ounces of milk. I like it ice cold.
  • lckamnetz
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    I prefer black coffee, but I know Starbucks has an add-in option where they add protein to your drink. I don't know if they still do it, or how, but if you're still looking for some ideas, you could try to get some intel out of your local Starbucks :)
  • darkguardian419
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    I've found it works better with room temp coffee... and tastes better as iced coffee (after mixing the protein in)