Trying to stick to my goal

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Hi everyone, my goal is to lose 1 pound per week. I'm trying not to overeat at the end of the day, but that can be a struggle. Seeking support in this goal. Thanks!


  • Lietchi
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    Welcome! 1lb a week sounds like a sensible goal (not reaching to lose as fast as possible like some others that we see here).

    It might be helpful to know that even if you go above your calorie goal, you might still be in a deficit: mind for 1lb a week, means your calorie goal is 500kcal below maintenance. So even eating 250 calories over goal, you'll still in a deficit, the equivalent of 0.5lbs loss per week.

    If you give more info concerning why you have trouble not overeating, we might be able to help. It could be as simple as eating more protein (for satiation), finding a hobby (to keep your hands busy) or another strategy depending on why you overeat.