Bhaiya can you please clear my confusion

Is there is any need of having surgery after weight loss or not because I'm feeling soo sad and want to losse weight 93 kg to 63 kg and my height is 5'4 feet and I'm fearing from loose skin after weight loose
Kya weight lose karne pe loose skin aata hi hai kya
And also not want to take surgery


  • Lietchi
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    That will be very individual, depending on age, speed of loss, if you have lost a lot of weight before and most of all individual disposition.

    I lost from 94kg to currently 60kg and while I consider myself to have 'horrible' skin generally (very prone to stretch marks for example, not very resilient at all) and I do have some loose skin, it's not bad enough to require surgery. I lost slowly, so perhaps that helped.

    Also keep in mind that the skin can still tighten up to a few years after weight loss, so how you look right after losing weight might not be representative of how you will end up looking.

    I was also fearful of loose skin, that's why I chose to lose slowly. Please don't let the fear of loose skin stop you from losing weight. The bits of loose skin I have now are insignificant compared to how much fitter I feel now and how much better I feel about myself!