New (used) tandem kayak, loving the workout

I just bought a 14.5' Wilderness Pamlico 135T on CL. I replaced all the nylon webbing and bungee, removed the cleats (kept hitting my hands on them) and cleaned it up. 62b1xrb1co9h.jpg
I love this workout. First day went along the creek and cut my hands up on the the cleats.
Got her all fixed up, went out today and had a great workout.
Does anyone else kayak for exercise?


  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 31,906 Member

    Any human-powered boat is pretty fun, in my world. I admit, for those little boats with a paddlewheel and bicycle-type pedals, I need an umbrella drink on board for maximum enjoyment.

    I do own this, and like it.

    (Also have some canoes.)

    But these days I usually do this, instead. (I'm the one in yellow.)

  • litoria
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    Ohh, I LOVE the kayak! Going out on the water can be gentle exercise or an arm burning slog, there is a wonderful river near here where I paddle upstream, drag it over the rocks then ride the rapids back down. So much fun...