Lapse MFP user. Back again

legoboydarwin Posts: 8 Member
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Returning to try to find motivation. 2 weeks down on Keto. Bought a spin bike a few weeks ago and a kayak last week,. Did 30 min on the spin bike this AM and 50 minute kayak trip.


  • vmccants28
    vmccants28 Posts: 9 Member
    I am returning back and praying for great results this time around
  • Susanna527
    Susanna527 Posts: 1,546 Member
    I fell off the MFP bandwagon, too, and am back, more determined than ever. We have a new employee at my job who I just found out lost 150 pounds in the past14 months - no pills, no shots, no surgery. She's my inspiration, for sure! Best of luck on your journey, legoboydarwin.