Insecurities with weight lose

Is it normal that I feel like one day I have progress at the gym then the next I feel like I lost it, it makes me so insecure I’m trying so hard, I’ve been controlling and maintaining how much I eat, I’ve been working out I’ve been attempting my best to eat healthier and not binge eat unhealthy foods/snacks I’ve been working out constantly for about a month and a week and it’s just mentally taking a toll on me I can’t feel comfortable within my own body at the moment because I want to lose this stomach fat at least a little bit and tone. Any suggestions? On things that helped create a fat loss on the lower stomach pouch and tone?


  • Lietchi
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    You just need patience. You can't target where fat comes off, you just need to lose fat overall and your body will decide where it comes off - often the areas we're most insecure about will be later than we wish, but partielle will get you to a better place.

    It's normal to feel insecure and have doubts, I think many of us have struggled with that. The key is to not let it derail you. I've lost 75lbs, and I still feel fat sometimes, but generally I feel a lot better than I did before, sometimes our brain just needs time to catch up.
  • Xellercin
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    It's not the best idea to equate exercise with specific body size outcomes. Exercise needs to be just a normal part of your day to day life regardless of what your body looks like or feels like. It's a forever thing, and that's the best way to get results.

    You don't have to kill yourself exercising, that's a great way to go hard for a few weeks or months and then crash and stop exercising, and that won't produce any kind of long term results.

    You are better off figuring out what exercise you enjoy most, the kind that you look forward to doing, and that acts as a relaxing, positive addition to your day, not a slog that you feel you need to get through for ***RESULTS***

    The more you exercise enjoyably, the more you will enjoy exercise, and the more capacity you will build in terms of strength and endurance.