Mandatory 100 pounds lost celebratory post (pics)



  • Mail4mand
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    HACC it is, reading your last post got me on my scales this morning 😇
  • DFW_Tom
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    There is no failure except a failure to log, takes a lot of pressure off and builds mindful habits instead.

    For example something I do is I look up menu before I go to a restuarant and log my food at home first, then I go and order the same thing when at the table.

    Removes the stress and temptation Id normally feel as by logging it I sort of already committed to it and it would be a bigger pain to remove and relog other choices anyway.

    Sage advise. None chain restaurants are harder to log because they don't usually list the nutrition values of their menu items online. I make my best "honest" guess, log it, and move on. Good mindful habits (as you mentioned) makes it easier to know what items are best for you too.
  • stephen724
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    WOW!! Congratulations. I've been struggling recently with motivation (mental health issues blah blah) but your story has really inspired me. Congratulations once again and thank you <3
  • FreeFor40
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    Congrats and thanks for sharing some of your tips for success and winning. Love the menu track before dining trick. Will try.
  • lessjess22
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    Congrats, this is a huge achievement! What an inspiration for all of us <3
  • lpwest3
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    What an amazing achievement, congrats and well done!
  • StDominicBarberi
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    Wow! You look so much younger! What a great gift of health to yourself Congratulations! What was your timeline? Did you start November 2021?
  • facelegtoe
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    You look so much healthier and happier! Congrats!
  • ritaknowles1
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    For example something I do is I look up menu before I go to a restuarant and log my food at home first, then I go and order the same thing when at the table./quote]
    Congratulations for such an achievement.
    Thank you for that hint. I am always hesitant going to restaurants because I never know what to expect. Most of the time I am disappointed with what is presented after I order what I thought was a nutritious and healthy meal.

    I also believe in logging food accurately and most importantly weighing myself every morning. I sometimes say to myself not to step on the scales for at least a day as I would have had a naughty day the day before but I force myself on and concentrate harder for a couple of days to lose the weight put on.

    How do you use a food scale?
  • dragengofit
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    What a great effort, and success story, thank you for sharing!

    Keep up the hard work, and cherish your results! <3
  • 65cor500
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    Absolutely incredible!!! Your hard work is definitely paying off in spades..
    Did I read that correctly, that you have lost 100 pounds in 200 days?? I thought I was doing well at 82 pounds lost in 365 days!!

    Congrats and keep up the great work on your journey!!
  • metaphysicalstudio
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    An inspiring journey! Well done!
  • jim_pipkin
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    Great work! Just got my TOPS Centennial 2-year tenure award last weekend - lost over 100lbs and kept it off. Still struggling with another 50 that wants to hang around, but definitely life-changing stuff! Congratulations, and keep up the healthy lifestyle!