Never. Give. Up!



  • dipa28
    dipa28 Posts: 3 Member
    Just Wow! You look amazing, well done!
  • beautyandababe
    beautyandababe Posts: 26 Member
    Man, those abs are enviable! Tell me all your secrets! I am a woman, looking to lose bout 14 more lbs so I can look shredded too :smile:
  • BuffTheatreNerd
    BuffTheatreNerd Posts: 15 Member
    Aww thanks for the love guys. Not to sound cheesy but that was ingredient 1 for success. Amazing encouraging people like you! Not to get too long winded but summarize it up. Finding a way of eating you enjoy that will also help you reach your goals. It has GOT to people you will be willing to stick to for life. As far as training that's actually the easy part. Cardio as needed when you hit a plateau. And train all muscles groups at least twice a week. Have heavy and moderate days! Love y'all keep going at it💪🏿
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