How to adjust grams

Hello, how do I adjust the amount of grams in a food I’m tracking? For instance, I entered strawberries, but it defaulted to 100 grams. What if I want to eat 130 grams?

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Iris Bohan


  • KL1887
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    When you go to the servings amount of the food change your input from fractions to decimals and then put 1.3 that would be the same as 130g for something that’s naturally registering as 100g serving
  • Sinisterbarbie1
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    There is also a drop down menu that allows you to choose how each food serving is recorded. Select 1 gram. Then for servings enter 130 ( or however many grams you are eating) you have to do this food by food
  • goal06082021
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    You remember decimals from math class, yeah? If the listed serving size is 100g and you have 130g, that's 1.3 servings.

    Sometimes the math is a little harder to do in your head, so here's the equation you can punch into a calculator. Remember that the slash (/) means division, or "divided by":

    (size of the serving you have) / (size of the serving listed) = (number of servings)

    So 130 / 100 = 1.3.

    Suppose you have 84g of, say, peanuts and the package says one serving is 28g. 84 / 28 = 3 servings.