New App is SO SLOW

mjglantz Posts: 486 Member
Since I "upgraded" the new app, it's been very disappointing. Very slow to load and takes forever to add food. Anyone else having this experience? any tips?


  • mjglantz
    mjglantz Posts: 486 Member
    I found the new app ridiculously slow and basically couldn't use it. Just deleted the app and reinstalled and it seems to be working fine. IMO don't bother contacting Tech Support (I emailed them on Tuesday)....never heard from them.
    Fingers crossed that this "fix" sticks.
  • durden
    durden Posts: 3,032 MFP Staff
    Hi @mjglantz, I went ahead and responded to your email in our queue. Please be aware that you emailed us on Wednesday evening and not Tuesday, which is why you did not receive a response sooner. We typically respond to emails in the order received, the exception being for our Premium customers who will always receive a tech support response within 24 hours of emailing us as part of their subscriber benefits.

    I hope that follow-up email helps. Cheers!
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