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    Pickled vegetables (olives, roasted peppers, artichokes, capers, or really anything from the "pickled" section of the grocery store) are a good addition for flavor.
    Nutritional yeast is a good topping for salads because it adds a lot of flavor and nutrients without adding a lot of calories.
    Other seasonings that I often add are onion and garlic flakes, red pepper flakes, and various dried herbs.
    Hummus is a good alternative for salad dressing and there are a lot of flavors of hummus available in the store now.
    Dry roasted broad beans or other legumes are good to add some crunch and protein (they are also delicious as soup crackers). These are also available in different flavors at the grocery store.
    Oh also I really like putting scrambled eggs on top of salads. Although any type of eggs would work.
  • rasta_bb
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    Spinach, mixed leaf lettuce, half a jar of artichoke hearts, some raw red onion slices, banana peppers. Then for dressing, olive oil, tiny bit of vinnegar, tsp mayo, tsp honey, tsp mustard, some minced garlic. And it helps when all of the dressing ingredients are higher quality, the taste comes out superior. Then optional, some bagel everything seasoning.
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    I make sauerkraut. I've tried cabbage with fennel seeds, purple cabbage, and now cabbage/carrot/garlic. It's great to add to lettuce or spinach. Today I did lettuce, spinach, cilantro, cucumber, grape tomatoes, onion, shredded mozzarella, chickpeas, habanero mango seasoning and lemon juice, and a little bit of leftover sauerkraut. Delish!
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    My salad fixin's will usually get sautéed and tossed in with eggs for morning breakfast. Its a way to get more added green/veggie fiber in the day (for me.) Add a dash of dry mustard.