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Most days I feel like I’m just existing and not living. Even after moving to a new country where there is so much to still explore, I find myself stuck in the same rut as before. I’ve lost my confidence and it’s holding me back.

I'm a 37 year old stay-at-home mom and my little family is everything to me. I want my toddler to have amazing experiences and look up to a mom who is inspiring. Something I cant give by just existing. I need to start making changes.

This is the beginning of my journey to; increase self-confidence by achieving goals, improving health and fitness, having more energy, finding purpose, positivity, and living a more productive and full life.

To improve health and fitness I'm working on food choices, aiming for 2l water p/d, and starting with yoga and kettlebell workouts. New to both, but impressed that I can start with just a mat and a kettlebell in the garage at home.

I would like to lose 9kg/20lbs. Not in a hurry, just need to see changes. I’m 172cm and weigh 72kg/159lbs.

To anyone reading this, all the best and success in reaching your goals on your personal journey.