Interesting graph showing energy usage vs time...

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Using a metabolic chamber, which is a room where all the carbon dioxide expelled from a person is measured, down to the nearest 5 minutes or so. The author was in the room for just under a day. ez01f2bgzgmh.jpg

There are only about 30 of these metabolic chambers around the world, I guess as people get bigger more will be built.

PS the photo at the start of the article and halfway down shows the author in or near a Bod Pod which is used to determine body volume using Boyle's Law.


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    I'm not sure what message you're trying to give us here?

    Yes, exercise potentially can burn quite a few calories (usually, it's less than "quite a few").

    Most of us don't have access to metabolic chambers, and I doubt that's going to become a common-ish (affordable) thing anytime soon.

    If I saw that kind of exercise performance in myself, I'd think I was overdoing. It might be fun for a day, but IMO it would be a dumb way to live life every single repeated way.

    But I'm lazy.
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    How I burned 2,889 net caloriess in well under 6hrs.....

    Which would make that day's TDEE well over 5,000.

    And unlike metabolic chambers bicycles are freely available and there are millions around the world....
    But that ride wasn't for weight loss if that's the point you are trying to make?
    Not seeing why routinely putting people in metabolic chambers would be useful unless it's for knocking down "It's so much harder for me" excuses?

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    I find it quite funny to see 'attempting to sleep' burns more calories than resting :mrgreen:

    Aside from that, not sure what the message is?
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    I missed the boat when I first replied to this thread: Somehow, I got distracted by the big graphic, found it confusing, didn't see the link. (! 😬🙄 !) Apologies, OP.

    The article at the link really is excellent, level-headed, nuanced.

    Another thing with similar insights (plus good footnoting) that I'd found useful was this: