I *lost* nearly 3 lbs on vacation

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I predicted that I had gone up by 3 lbs on my way home from an 11 day trip to California. We ate and ate, but we also hiked and walked and walked some more. When I got home, I as down about 2.75 lbs. This is me and my husband in Yosemite. I was 170 lbs last August, and I am now 117 lbs. Edit: I'm 5' 2.5" tall. czdc64t6g72n.jpg


  • beautyandababe
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    Congratulations. You look amazing! Hope you had an amazing trip <3<3<3
  • IAmTheGlue
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    Congratulations! I’m happy you had an awesome vacation with your husband and lost weight as well!

    Great picture! 😀
  • GoRun2
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  • JustJ2014
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    Congratulations not only did you lose weight on vacation but how amazing that you have lost 53 pounds in a year!
  • Retroguy2000
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    You both look very fit. That's great that you can eat like it's cheat week and still lose weight, thanks to all that walking which probably would have exhausted you a year ago.
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