Looking for friends and support!!

jrivera34 Posts: 1 Member
Hey all I’ve recently decided to start my fitness journey… for the umpteenth time haha. However, this time is does feel different.

Over the past several years I’ve gained well over 150 pounds a third of that being just the last two years because of the pandemic. I lived a very sedentary life during this time and I’m slowly taking the steps to change it. My goal for right now is to try and lose 50 pounds by the end of the year which I feel is doable!

I’m on here hoping to find other people that are just starting out like me or perhaps have been going at it for some time and could give me some advice or encouragement and I’ll be sure to reciprocate.

I’m not entirely sure how this works but if want to add me go ahead, absolutely anyone can! No judgement here! I’m honestly surprised I even put a picture of myself on here… I definitely would have been too anxious to do that any other day haha today just feels different and I’m hoping to keep that going everyday! Let’s do this. :)


  • SavvyP904
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    Been here a couple times before but I stopped. I don't have an exact weight goal but I do want to lose at least 50 lbs, ideally closer to 100. But sustainable is more important to me than hitting 100lb loss. I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin again. Feel free to add me if you'd like and we can encourage one another.
  • vwells_214
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    Hi this is my first time try this. I am a 4 ft 11 inches tall. 52 year old female from Oklahoma. I started my weight loss journey on April 7th 2022. My heaviest weight was 207 lbs. I am as of right 184 lbs. I am having to do 6 months of education before my doctor will let me know if they will do the weight loss surgery. So I have been working hard to do everything they ask me to do. My doctor has set my goal weight at 119 lbs. I am hoping to make a few friends to help keep me motivated. Not sure how to add people as friends on here. Can someone please tell me how?
  • pomeapple
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    Hi, I'm recently back and looking for friends/motivation. Also hoping to lose 50lbs by end of year. Feel free to add me
  • Proelkcio
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    Me toooooo!!! I’d love to chat and see where we all are in our journey
  • HRHEmem1
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    Hello everyone, I’m back! I hope to stay on course and lose 10kg by December
  • hellsbells164
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    I am starting again as well with a goal of 70lb in 24 months but I would love to join your challenge of 50 by year end!
  • checker4
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    I will say: try try and try :D
  • motivatedmom13
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    I’d also love to join in and get/provide support.
  • Amaris_uk
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    Hiya, I'm a mum of 2 with 150lbs to loose and a some fitness and stamina to find (mine left the building years ago). Anyone feel free to add me for motivation or support, we can do this!!
  • SarahJoyManea
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    Hi - i hope it is okay, i have just added everyone from this thread, i want to lose at least 50lbs, ideally 70lbs. I don't think its dooable by the end of the year for me, but i'd love to try.

    How are you all getting on so far?

    Im 200lbs right now, my heavest i've ever been was 207lbs and that was back in 2014, i when on a big health push and lost over 65lbs by 2016. But over the last 6 years i have slowly gained it all back, and it is just so demorolising and demotivating to know that i have got to stat all over again!

    Any support and encouragement will be very much needed!
  • jessj2016
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    Yes! Looking for love and support as well. I’ve started and stopped more than I care to admit. Let’s rally around one another, yes? 💪🏼
  • leti126
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    Feel free to add me! Looking for support and here to give it right back!
  • SunSetTraveler
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    It really is a mindset and some kinda push that's different for so many of us ..I think today is my day! Best of luck to all of you!🌻
  • EmotionalEater84
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    Sending out FR's!

    I have yo-yo'ed my entire life in the obese zone - it's time to change that and after having my son (he is 3 in Oct) I have a very amazing little reason to be healthy!

    Add me if you see this <3
  • annliz23
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    Good luck, you can do this add me if you want I need to meet my goal by the end of October when I am 60 so determined.
  • mitchpixx
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    Hi I'm also "trying again" but I feel more positive about my plan this time! Crossing fingers that I can improve my fitness, mental health and perhaps lose a pound or two on the way ;-)
  • TXmal74
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    Lets do this!!
  • njitaliana
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    I just sent you a friend request
  • ddghike
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    I have been around the block so many times re. my weight. Now it is always to aim for health. I have not gotten up to my highest wt. in over 20 years, but I can gain 20 - 30 lbs. and then it is like being a surfer, waiting for the next perfect wave to motivate me. I ate healthy, but was addicted to sugar free chocolate. I wanted to get free of it. My body then had a reaction to the sugar substitute and I had an appendectomy. That all broke the spell of the habit I was caught in. I am awake now and on track. I have always loved to walk and hike. I no longer have a "goal" weight, it is the weight that feels right and I know what that is. My vitals are all good. We are creatures of habit, it can be hard to break habits and start new ones. What I learned over the years is that the new habits need to be interesting, they are pleasurable, and engaging in some way. This helps the dopamine in your brain reinforce the new healthy habit.