Who's losing weight and breastfeeding?

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I initially lost about 7kg and have 15kg to get to my goal weight of 65kg. I've been watching going hard the last 4 weeks eating 1500, my BMR is 2300 with exercise 7 days a week. My fitbit has my TDEE as 3000ish so I should have lost a kg a week with the exercise and deficit combined but I did a weigh in 4 weeks since start date and lost nothing 😩 . That is not even included the extra calories it takes to produce breastmilk either, extra 1000 a day all up I should be losing like a kg a week
Please tell me your having more success than I am


  • Duchy82
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    I've lost 4.2kg in 2 months while breastfeeding so far. I've got mfp set to lose .25 kg a week which gives me 1815kcal, I won't eat less than 1500kcal to make sure i don't lose my supply. The loss has been pretty random though with some days losing 200g then the next day it can be up a kg and lose it 2 days later, so there's a fair amount of fluctuation in water retention so it could be that water retention has masked your weightloss?

    I've a fair bit more to lose yet though as I have 23 kg to go to a goal weight of 72kg.
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    I didn't lose a pound when I was breastfeeding without messing with my supply. I learned to live with it as this time goes very quickly and they grow up fast. 🤷‍♀️
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    I waited until I was 6 months PP to start losing weight after my last baby (he will be 5 next month!). I was overweight (or obese), so I had plenty to lose. I lost all the weight from obese to healthy weight while breastfeeding.
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    I generally can't lose weight without my supply tanking until baby is close to a year old and getting a good amount of calories from table food.

    My goal is 1600 calories right now and I'm dropping, but I'm also working out a lot.

    This is my 7th baby and he will be 1 year next week!

    I know a few women who say the pounds just dropped off while breastfeeding, but I know way more who, like me, have to wait a while.

    Your body is doing amazing things. Hang in there!
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    FWIW, Renaissance Periodization has a diet template specifically for breastfeeding mommas. I personally have not used them (I had not even heard of RP till my kiddo was a couple years old), but I have used their regular diet and training templates and have read several of their books etc. Based on my experience with them, I'd absolutely recommend any of their products, 100% solid stuff.