How to log accurate nutrition data from my food choices?

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Hello I have some trouble to log accurate data for my food choice intake.
For example, my breakfast is 300ml semi-skimmed milk mixed with 2 level scoops of protein powder which it is 37.5g. When I have scanned my powder app says 229 cal not sure if that includes milk or not. My semi-skimmed milk calories is 147 cal for 300ml. If the scanned calories for the protein include milk that calories will be with skimmed milk as the instruction suggest to be used but I prefer to use semi-skimmed milk.
Could somebody tell me how I could log more accurate data regarding the nutritions?


  • Jean
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    We are sorry if you have found an item in our database that has discrepancies. A majority of foods are created by other users, so that does leave some room for error. If you do have a label with different information, please go by the label and not what results on our end.

    If you find an item that is inaccurate, you can notify our team by clicking Report Food in the mobile app. On the website, you can edit it yourself to provide the correct information.

    To Report an entry via the mobile app:
    1. Open your Diary and Add Food
    2. Search for the food item and select it
    3. Click on Report Food (at the bottom)
    4. Select Wrong/Missing Nutrition Information and tap check mark
    5. Update the incorrect information and tap check mark
    * If you'd like to save the corrected version, toggle Save to My Foods on

    To correct an entry via the website:
    1. Log into the website at
    2. Click the Food tab, then Database
    3. Search for the food item and click on it in the search results
    4. Click the item's Edit button (see attached image)
    5. Update the incorrect information. Make sure you click the green Save Changes button

    Note: Verified (check-marked foods) cannot be edited by users. Please let us know if your food has a green check mark next to it.
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