Been told I'm pre-prediabetic and have slowly lost 9lbs. Just need some tips/encouragement from others in similar situation. I did WW before, but obviously now focus on they type of carbs I eat. Any advice?


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    For my husband, it was simply a matter of weighing, logging, and staying within his calorie budget.

    After six months, he was able to come off diabetes meds he’d been on for 20+ years.

    I make it a point when making desserts to make sure they are sugar free- or as close as possible. There’s a lot of really tasty sugar free products available now. I particularly like the Walden Farms zero cal salad dressings and syrups, Skinny Syrups come in all kinds of awesome flavors, lately I’m loving Barq’s diet root beer, and sugar free dry pudding mixes can be used soooo many ways. I mix with Greek yogurt for a tasty mousse dessert, or freeze it with yogurt or skyr to make homemade low cal sugar free ice cream.
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    I cook for my elderly father who is diabetic. Some of the things I have learned is
    Fiber is crucial
    Vegetables taste 100 X better if you roast them or grill them. He came from a time when they were always boiled.
    Small treats in moderation help prevent overindulgence
    Small portions and plenty of snacks work for him.
    Keep fresh fruits, nuts, and veggies readily available so they become your go-to snacks instead of packaged ones that contain added sugars.
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    I was diagnosed as diabetic in 2019, and have been able to keep it under control pretty well. I think the keys are eating balanced meals, getting enough sleep, and at least some light exercise consistently. By balanced, I means meals should have protein, a little fat, and at least some non-starchy vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, onions, etc., and especially leafy greens.) You can still have starchy things in moderation. We aim for 45-60 carbs total per meal. That's not bad at all if you limit sweets. I was taught half your plate should be green or low-carb vegetables, a quarter protein, and the rest can be starchy. Fiber helps, but count it.