Do you still eat cookies/cakes/candy?

Do you still eat cookies/cakes/candy? 45 votes

Yes, they’re simply delicious.
31% 14 votes
I cut back, but occasionally
57% 26 votes
No, completely cut them
11% 5 votes


  • paperpudding
    paperpudding Posts: 7,707 Member
    Not much of a candy eater - but I do eat cake and cookies sometimes.
  • Chef_Barbell
    Chef_Barbell Posts: 6,536 Member
    Lietchi wrote: »
    I personally prefer salty snack foods, but yes, I still eat some sweet snack foods like cookies, cake and ice-cream. As long as it fits in my calories.
    I don't ban any foods from my diet, that's not a sustainable approach IMO. I can't imagine banning sweet/salty snacks from my diet the rest of my life, so I prefer to learn to manage my weight still including those foods.

    This for me too... I prefer savory snacks and will hit up a McDonald's at 3AM with no shame 🤷‍♀️
  • DFW_Tom
    DFW_Tom Posts: 40 Member
    They're just not worth the sugar spike to me.
    (Now, chips and crackers are (occasionally) the ruination of my will power.)
  • jst1986
    jst1986 Posts: 169 Member
    I'm a firm believer in everything in moderation! If I didn't let myself have anything I'd be miserable!
  • yirara
    yirara Posts: 7,405 Member
    I don't like cookies or cake overall. I do like candy, certain puddings and chocolate mousse, fruit and salty snacks. And yes, I do have them. I leave space in my calorie allowance for them. Life would be miserable without.
  • IAmTheGlue
    IAmTheGlue Posts: 537 Member
    I can’t have gluten so that cuts out cookies and cakes. I know they have gluten free versions of those things, but I don’t buy that.

    Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are gluten free and I do have one or two of them maybe once a week or so. If I really want something, I eat it because believe me, I did not get fat because I ate the odd treat here and there. It was a pattern of over-indulgence and self neglect. It was years and years of an IDGAF attitude that brought me to that place.
  • COGypsy
    COGypsy Posts: 795 Member
    I eat something like that every day. A little sweet after dinner somehow tells my mind that we're finished eating for the day. I could graze all night long, but after a couple of cookies or a square of chocolate I'm done for the day.
  • quiksylver296
    quiksylver296 Posts: 28,209 Member
    I save about 300 calories for dessert every day. Usually chocolate or ice cream. I freak out and binge if I try to cut them out completely.
  • sijomial
    sijomial Posts: 19,777 Member
    Yes - they aren't anything special to me though and were never a problem as regards weight control.
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 25,312 Member
    Sure do. I'm in year 6+ of maintenance now, but ate some of those things even when losing. I made it a core point, while losing, not to do anything I wasn't willing to continue permanently to stay at a healthy weight, other than that sensibly moderate calorie deficit. I wasn't going to give up cookies, cake, or candy forever - don't see why I should. They're not the core of my eating, though.

    Like others, I'm not huge for sweets (other than fruit). I rarely eat cookies or cake (taste preference - rather spend any extra discretionary calories on cheese or even beer/wine). Pretty often (near daily), I eat a Lindt chocolate truffle or two, or some Godiva truffle hearts, plus some other treats that do contain moderate amounts of added sugar.

    For me, once I have my nutrition goals for the day dialed in - hit my personal protein gram and fats minimum, get my boatloads of daily veggies/fruit (shoot for 400-800+ grams) - and still have calories left in the budget, I see no reason not to eat some treat foods.

    It's not like a Lindt chocolate truffle cancels out a couple of hundred grams of tomatoes or broccoli, y'know?

    I didn't vote because I don't like these poll things. No nuance.
  • skelterhelter
    skelterhelter Posts: 793 Member
    I still have a little bit of chocolate every day, but a serving instead of the whole king-sized bar that I used to eat. Cookies and cakes only on occasion and usually only for an occasion. I still love my sweets, though!
  • MsCzar
    MsCzar Posts: 803 Member
    I still eat them, but not in the binge-y way I used to. Obese me would think nothing of eating an entire batch of cookies or a dozen ice cream bars in a single day. I've cut way back on sugar and now those things are occasional treats.
  • ninerbuff
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    Been in fitness for 30 years and have studied kinesiology and nutrition

  • EliseTK1
    EliseTK1 Posts: 414 Member
    I have had a major issue with sweets my entire life which is how I gained most of my extra weight. When I started my deficit I cut out all the “usual” sweets like candy, cookies, chocolate, and ice cream, but I didn’t leave a void- I started filling that space with “sweet alternatives” like low cal frozen yogurt/bars, brewed cacao, herbal teas, yogurt with fruit, protein bars, peanut butter on wheat toast or graham crackers, and occasionally protein-supplement “desserts” like those little muffins and donuts that are ridiculously expensive. I’ve even made protein “brownies” which are definitely not exactly like regular brownies. (Hey, I gotta find some way to get my fix!)

    Now that I’ve been at this for a while, I don’t crave sugary foods the way I used to. Every now and then when there’s something I really want, I make room for it in the calorie/macro budget or have it on one of my planned liberal calorie days. 95% of the time I get my sweet fix from better-for-me sources.
    PAPYRUS3 Posts: 11,833 Member
    I do eat cookies/cakes and candy...however, I make my own 'tweaked' versions of such...using ingredients that are sources/healthier - cutting the less than desirable things and increasing/adding more of the 'good' things.
    (for example, my idea of a candy is a stuffed Medjool date with a nut butter and finished with a few pieces of dark chocolate and flaked sea salt...heaven:))
  • SuzySunshine99
    SuzySunshine99 Posts: 2,767 Member
    None of those things were ever the reason I was overweight. I ate them occasionally then, and I eat them occasionally now. Not every day...I never have...but I do enjoy all three when I do have them. They are just not something I crave, and have always been able to easily moderate them.

    I didn't give anything up to lose weight, I just started eating less of the foods I was already eating.
  • mlrtri
    mlrtri Posts: 344 Member
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    I have never had a big sweet tooth. I try to limit added sugar (for metabolic health reasons not calories). But I don’t absolutely outlaw sugar. I try to cut all the sneaky sugar added into foods you wouldn’t think had sugar. This leaves room for an occasional treat which I enjoy in moderation and ensure the treat is not wasted on sub par food. I will not waste those allowances on crummy store bought cookies. They are saved for homemade ice cream, small slice of cheesecake, berry cobbler, etc.
  • bojaantje3822
    bojaantje3822 Posts: 251 Member
    I have a huge calorie budget because I'm very heavy, quite tall for a woman, young and exercise a lot. Initially, when I restarted exercise I was losing too fast at a kg per week. To preserve my muscles, I needed to eat more. Calorie-rich drinks, oce cream, cookies, cake, etc. are necessary for me to get to my minimal needed calorie intake. They're saving my muscles. There's only so many vegetables and pastas you can eat in a day.

    I do have a sweet tooth and I still think nothing of eating a whole pack of cookies or a whole tub of ice cream. I can't stand the flavour of most sweeteners so all the low-sugar stuff is a big no for me. I never liked full fat dairy so I always had the fat free stuff. The only big change was teaching myself to eat more fruit so now my food intake is a little more balanced and I crave cookies less, though I still very much crave something sweet beyond fruit every day and I indulge quite often.

    I don't want to be hungry losing weight, I don't want to be hungry maintaining at goal weight and I don't want to deny myself the sweets I crave. I do budget around my vegetables, fruits and breakfast but usually there's space for multiple servings of sweets, due to aforementioned huge calorie budget (I maintain at around 3100 cals now, it used to be around 3300 at start weight, since I restarted heavy exercise before starting mfp)