Foods that keep you full!?

I know there are articles online that supposedly answer this question, and I know the typical answer is just "protein" or "fat" or "fiber," but I'm interested in personal responses... what individual foods or meals do you find keep you the most satisfied and full feeling for the longest time? Thanks in advance!


  • Lietchi
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    Very specific, but I find risotto a very filling dish for a very reasonable amount of calories (provided you don't smother it in parmesan cheese).
  • yirara
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    It's individual. If i say: a slice of wholegrain bread with cheese or lots of rice with veggies and a bit of protein keeps me full properly then that's great for me. But maybe you'll be hungry again after a short time. You need to find out what works for you.
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    Bacon cheeseburgers 🍔
  • sijomial
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    "Foods that keep you full!?" - Lotsa mainly. ;)

    Most filling foods for me are based around starchy carbs, pasta or rice dishes for example.

    When I was doing an eating pattern to lose weight that had me on low calories twice a week I did find that foods prepared with high taste compensated to a degree for much smaller quantities.
    Things like chilli, lime, soy etc...
    Tuna or prawn salad with all of the above for example.
  • corinasue1143
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    Long term-meat. If I eat beef and enough protein, I won’t be really hungry tomorrow.
    Short term- animal crackers. If I’m just missing that Thanksgiving stuffed to the gills feeling, 100 calories or so of animal crackers.
    Just need to hold off munchies for an hour- a few nuts. 2 hours-celery and ??, maybe string cheese, nuts.
  • HoneyBadger302
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    For me it really is about that macro ratio - lots of protein, some fats, some carbs, but the protein and some fiber is key to feeling full - and not having the hangries long before I 'should.'

    Favorites that work and are a bit lower on the calorie hit: whole (truly) free range eggs; chicken breasts; shrimp; tuna; ground turkey

    A snack mix that works well for me: 1-2 oz meat (whole deli preferred), 1 oz cheese, some olives, and 28g mixed nuts. When I've taken the time to put this together for a day, it's been much easier to eat a smaller lunch and make it to dinner time with getting hangry lol.
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    I know there are articles online that supposedly answer this question, and I know the typical answer is just "protein" or "fat" or "fiber," but I'm interested in personal responses... what individual foods or meals do you find keep you the most satisfied and full feeling for the longest time? Thanks in advance!

    Typically meals that have all three of those components. Meat, potatoes, veg = satisfied; meat and veg = not so much. Chicken, rice, veg = satisfied; chicken and veg = not so much...that kind of thing.
  • VegjoyP
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    dark steamed greens with tanari and nutritional yeast,

    baked purple sweet potato with almond butter,

    plant protein powder with chia , flax, Green Vibrance

    Bowl silken tofu, cinnamon, cacao. Monk fruit

    Hearty vegetable stew and lentils


    Almond or other nut, seed butter on rice cake

    Plant protein shakes, warm like hot cocoa
  • Walkywalkerson
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    Eggs keep me full - whole eggs with avocado, tomato, spinach and some wholegrain toast is a go to breakfast for me that keeps me full till lunch.
    I find lunch tricky because this is my most hungry time but I want to keep calories fairly low so I can enjoy a decent dinner - so something like a tuna and chickpea salad with a protien bar for 'dessert'
    Dinner I go for protien and loads of veg sometimes with a jacket potato or a sauce.
  • yirara
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    Oh gosh, I cooked something today that really keeps me full! A soup with pumpkin chunks, some bacon, lots of rice, and parmigiano on top. It's so incredible filling! But then rice, and well filled soups keep me full. Might not be for you of course.
  • SuzanneC1l9zz
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    @yirara that sounds so good!! 😋
  • AnnPT77
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    What works best for me, after quite a bit of experimenting:

    1. Enough, i.e., don't cut calories stupid low to pursue fast weight loss.

    2. A solid breakfast with ample protein, then protein through the day.

    3. A substantial amount of food volume in total, usually much of it in big servings of veggies with dinner, but also more fruit and some whole grain and/or veggies through the day.

    It isn't just about food choice for me, though, gotta say. So:

    4. Food timing matters to me. For me, lowballing breakfast (calories or protein) can turn the day into disaster. If I get hungry when a meal isn't coming up pretty soon, I'm better off to have a small snack (usually protein-y) vs. try to tough it out.

    5. Decent overall nutrition. Sometimes sub-par nutrition expresses as cravings for things that aren't the needed nutrient(s).

    6. Not getting over-fatigued (if possible) whether through poor sleep quality/quantity, high stress, over-exercise, etc. Fatigue triggers energy seeking, and food is energy. Hello, appetite!

    7. Eating fruit regularly seems to help me avoid cravings for less nutrient-dense sweets (cookies, candy, etc.)

    8. Calorie banking a little (now that I'm in maintenance) in order to indulge occasionally. This one is more about psychological satisfaction, probably, versus physical hunger management.

    There aren't many specific individual foods that I invariably find really sating. The oatmeal version of my breakfast is very filling and sticks with me, but there's old-fashioned rolled oats, Greek yogurt, mixed berries, peanut butter powder, hemp and flax seeds, blackstrap molasses and cinnamon, plus a much-milk skim latte with big foam and a cold matcha tea with citrus wedge, adding up to 600+ calories. It better be filling, and long lasting. (I'm in maintenance. While losing, it was 425-ish calories - no seeds, other minor changes.)
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    A 'good' breakfast sets me up for a day of success for sure...
    A chia 'pudding' including flax meal/sometimes a bit of oatmeal too/berries/Greek yogurt a few seeds or nuts. Hard boiled egg.
  • tigrig
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    The thing that feels me up the most and lasts a while is honestly my protein shake.
    8oz whole milk
    1 scoop optimum nutrition rocky road
    1 tbsp psyllium husk powder
    5g creatine
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    @ tigrig - yes to the psyllium husks! I forgot to include those in the 'chia-pudding' breakfast I make.
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    Fibre is filling. For this reason I add some extra wheat bran to my steamed cereals which I eat every morning (either buckwheat, pearl barley, millet or steel cut oats)

    Inulin fibre from chicory is the food additive of the future:
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    perryc05 wrote: »

    With complimentary gas masks?
    Seriously though, not everyone tolerates inulin and similar products. I remember being abroad and buying some granola for breakfast, which systematically gave me considerable gas (fortunately it was a hiking holiday). Turned out the granola had a crazy high fiber count due to oligofructose additives. It didn't even fill me up more than other granolas either.

    So to those trying products with added fiber: watch out for signs of stomach discomfort, gas,... in case you're one of the unlucky ones to not tolerate it well.