I just discovered Hash House Harriers!

It seems to be a combination of fitness training, scavenger hunt, and drinking game. There is a hugely active group in my city and I just signed up for their next event on Sept. 7th.

They wear goofy costumes while running, and make periodic stops at brew pubs for beer while running the course. I'm looking forward to giving this a go.

Anyone else a Hash House Harrier?


  • jwdieter
    jwdieter Posts: 2,582 Member
    I don't participate, but I've met several and it seems like a nice community. Have fun!
  • bluelena
    bluelena Posts: 304 Member
    I'm a harriette! On On! Feel free to send me a FR. (My hash name is Top Shelf)
  • RustysTbone
    RustysTbone Posts: 8 Member
    Been a Hasher for about 12 years now! On on!!! Rusty's T-Bone from Ketchikan, AK.
  • AmandaDanceMore
    AmandaDanceMore Posts: 298 Member
    I agreed to go on a Harrier Hash as a first date. Now, I'm pretty adventurous and try not to say no to new experiences, and HAD I BEEN MADE MORE AWARE, I would have enjoyed the experience (and, really, I could see getting into, as I am into the absurd).

    But meeting up with a guy who begins to introduce you as "Amanda the virgin" without any explanation until about 10 intros in, among a few other awkward things, in combination with a truly awkward dude (ZERO sense of humor. I truly wonder why he liked these things), not to mention that he was so out of shape that it took soooooo long to complete, it was just a poor first introduction to something that I think is probably actually a lot of fun!
  • lkpducky
    lkpducky Posts: 15,968 Member
    It's a drinking club with a running problem.

    Mudflaps (needs to get back to it, was in LAH3)