Does app automatically recompute calorie goals?

I am wondering if this app automatically recalculate calorie goals based on weight loss?


  • stottl3049
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    This app accurately states I need more calories (not less—and starving which I did for years)…but how do I know when to start increasing calories as I am also lifting weights. Please share if you know:)
  • Lietchi
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    For your first question: no, it doesn't update automatically, at least not for myself and several others I know of. In your goal settings, change your activity level and/or desired rate of loss and then change them back to the settings you want. This should update your calorie goal.

    As for building muscle, these are factors to take into account:
    - you need sufficient protein
    - you need a good weight training program
    - it is possible to gain muscle while losing weight, but mostly for beginners and provided the weight loss rate isn't too aggressive (this is relative to how much weight you still have to lose). It tends to work better when eating at maintenance (=recomposition) or in a calorie surplus, certainly for those more experienced in weight training.

    If you tell us more about yourself (stats, goals and your MFP settings) we might be able to provide more specific advice.
  • lynn_glenmont
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    It used to if you never tweaked your settings -- if you accepted the default settings. And then sometimes it just reminded you every 10 lbs to go back into the set-up feature to recalculate. But I tweaked my settings a long time ago, and it's been been many years since it either automatically adjusted or reminded me to get back to the set-up feature to recalculate.

    It's not clear what your goal is. Do you want to lose weight/fat? Are you trying to recomp?