Bad mental health day

Sorry in advance for the self-pity post.

I’m having one of those days where I feel like a failure in everything. Tried to do yoga this morning and couldn’t do have the poses. Trying to get into healthier eating habits but keep slipping back into bad habits and can’t keep it up. Trying my best at work but it still isn’t enough. My apartment is filthy because I don’t have enough energy to clean…

Any advice on how to work my way out of this really bad funk? I’m so miserable and overwhelmed right now.


  • girlwithcurls2
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    @IAmTheGlue gave you the best advice. You're in a really tough spot. I find that if I do nothing, then I feel even more like doing nothing. Just do one thing. Success breeds success.

    And take your time. Chip away at things. Nothing has to be 100%, perfect, whatever. And remember that "good enough" is often good enough.

    Hugs to you. You're not the only one :heart:
  • Irishbymarriage
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    You're A perfectionist and you're being way too hard on yourself. I just recently went back to yoga after having rotator cuff surgery in August. I'm proud of myself for just getting up and going to the morning class, because I'm not a morning person! I can't do a lot of the yoga poses, but I have a wonderful instructor who shows me modifications. Oh plus I let a "toot" escape loudly the other morning and I was mortified but I've heard toots escape from others so I decided to just pretend it's normal lol. Be proud of yourself for trying to improve your health. And it's ok for your house to be imperfect! My mom has OCD about cleaning and I feel bad for her because she misses out on so much because she's too busy worrying about how clean her house is. Spray a little Febreze and it'll smell good! I dust when I can write my name in it!
  • metaphysicalstudio
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    Making changes can take time. Think about the smaller steps and the micro goals that lead to your major goals. Give yourself the space for self- compassion. It's ok to not be able to switch from one way to it's opposite in a day...or even in months. Keep your goals in sight and know that you have value apart from what you eat and how much you weigh. Keep your head up!
  • Whatever you do, hang in there. Keep positive! Regarding your apartment, can you get rid of any clutter and maybe consider hiring a cleaner for a Spring clean? Take care.