Lifting while pregnant?

Just wondered--I'm due in 7-8 weeks, and my bike up and down the stairs (4th floor) every day for work is getting difficult. I'm active--I work in a shop so I'm on my feet a bunch and do lots of fairly physical things, as well as bike to work and back. When I lifted weights before, the stairs were much easier. I was also a regular runner, so that, combined with weighing less really helped.

I wonder if I could start lifting weights now if I'm careful to watch posture and not go too hard. Maybe then the stairs would be easier, and I could get back in shape more quickly after baby is born? What do you all think?


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    Lots of females I know will work out (albeit modified to compensate for pregnancy) practically all the way up to 38 weeks! Of course your OB should give you the best advice on this though.

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    You should ask your doctor. Every pregnancy is different and things can change even during pregnancy.

    It doesn't make sense to lift heavy weights so that you can carry a bike up and down stairs for a few more months.
  • Sounds like a bad idea to me. Ask ob first.
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    Absolutely run this by your doc. Then, if you're looking for some awesome inspiration, this lady totally kicked butt while pregnant.
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    You shouldn't start a program while pregnant.

    Maintaining a program (modified for pregnancy limits) is usually ok (in an uncomplicated, low risk pregnancy)... but most OBs will not suggest starting something new.

    If you carry your bike already, you could probably stand to do some weight training with something that weighs as much, or less than, that. But like everyone else said, talk with your doc.
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    Do whatever you can honestly handle. Your OB doesn't know that answer.
    I was active throughout my first pregnancy and even completed a Les Mills Body Pump (weight training) class the day before I went into labor. In fact, I think the lunge track that night helped kick things off. :-)

    PS. I am almost 7 weeks pregnant again, and fully intend to be very active the whole time. Faster labor (it helps), faster recovery, and faster return to pre-pregnancy weight, which is a big deal for your self esteem, trust me on that.
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    I wouldn't start something new that's too strenuous if you're already pregnant. That's always the advice I've been given.
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    My guess is no. Your connective tissue and bones around your pelvis are all soft and bendy right now -- I wouldn't think that weight bearing exercises like lunges, squats, etc. would be good for them. Definitely run it by your OB, as others have said. I was told that the best exercise for third trimester is swimming, which I did a lot, because it doesn't put any pressure on your joints and it feels so good to get all that weight off your back! Good luck, and congratulations. :)
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    You really should ask your OB as others have stated.

    Many times, if you are active before you get pregnant, they will tell you that you can continue to a certain point, however actually lifting can be dangerous to you and the baby.
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    Consult with your OB, but my answer is a firm, emphatic NO. The general rule is that a pregnant woman can *continue* to do any activities she was already doing, but is not advised to start a strenuous new activity.
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    I wouldn't start now. Starting now isn't going to make you bounce back quicker. You're already active and that's what matters. How about relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy? 1st pregnancy I lifted up to 7-8 mos and recent 2nd one up to 20wks. I got lazy. No regrets.
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    Consult with your OB, but my answer is a firm, emphatic NO. The general rule is that a pregnant woman can *continue* to do any activities she was already doing, but is not advised to start a strenuous new activity.

    I was going to say the same thing. I am 28 weeks and have been doing Crossfitmom the whole time and will continue till baby comes as I did last pregnancy. It is usually fine to continue with a program you were doing prepregnancy, but if you have not been lifting these past 30 weeks, then to start now might cause you problems. (and this is not to say that you can not be active and exercise during obviously are staying very active already...I am not one of those "don't lift more than 10 pounds" kind of people, but to start lifting now at this stage might not be advisable...) But talk to your OB..honestly all you will get on here is opinions, but NO one on here knows your health history, pregnancy history, risk factors, etc. Also, it sounds like if you have been carrying your bike up stairs, then that is in a way weight lifting :) This is my 6th pregnancy and I plan to stay plenty active, but always go with what your body tells you..maybe the stairs are getting harder/more tireing bc you are so close to having that baby and a lot of things get harder at the end :)
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