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I keep a tab with my food diary open on my computer all the time. And every day, when I go to that tab, the first time I go to "Today", it says my diary is private. I click on my profile picture and back to my diary (without doing anything to log back in) and magically I can now see my food diary. Not earth shattering but it is a pain to go through this every single day.

I don't turn my computer off or close out my browser. I typically have my Food Diary and at least 1 other tab for MFP open when this happens. Today, I had been actively looking at some posts under Community and then went to my Food Diary where I got the private diary message.

Just now, I had a problem when I tried to search for an answer to this under Support. At the bottom of the page on "Account Log In Issues" where it says "Was this article helpful?", I clicked "No" and it brought up a login screen. And that screen would not accept the password saved by my computer for MFP.

Am I doing something wrong or is there a setting I need to change?

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