NFL season is here..........and so are bad eating habits



  • lol I was wondering how long til it was pointed out
  • pienthesky32
    pienthesky32 Posts: 142 Member has the BEST appetizer recipes. The turkey skinny nachos are amazing!
  • randomtai
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    Notice only women post diet food for football. Lol. They just don't get it.

    Not all. :)
  • This woman will not be eating cauliflower on SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! There is plenty of time before Monday nights game to get some burn time in. Pass the beer and cheese dip please.
  • littlelaura
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    I make turkey chili, baked chicken tender skewers tossed in franks hot sauce or top of a salad with them, raw veggies with hummus, I drink ice tea or if I want a beer (sam adams octoberfest preferred) I plan for it in my calories. GO STEELERS!
  • BigGuy47
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    Jalapenos sliced in half.
    Stuffed with cream cheese and a Lil Smokey sausage.
    Wrapped in bacon.

    Toss it on the smoker for about 2 hours.

    Enjoy the goodness!

    Not exactly health food, but perfect for football season.
  • mmkaye
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    Getting my veggies out....GO TEXANS!
  • Altruista75
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    Football is watched in my house with a great stout & some spicy *kitten* chili to go with it!! College game day is enjoyed with a great Bloody Mary or some nice Irish coffee!! Love my Saturdays & Sundays filled with football!! :heart: :drinker: