Health & Fitness tips 2023

Be kind to yourself, create intentions for everyday, don't beat yourself up if you have a bad day. Find your why, stop comparing yourself to anyone. Only one in the race is you. Just be better than yourself. Stop making excuses and just start. 10, 15 minutes a day. Especially if you are very out of shape. Take baby steps. Push yourself, but don't push to hard. Incorporate small goals and changes. And yes it's a journey. It's not something that will end. So, if you truly want to get healthy, don't put a time limit. It's happens when it happens, but you must be consistent. You fall off It's ok, get back on. Don't ruin your day and give up. Eat fresh unpackaged food. If it's in a box don't eat it. Drink water. Fins out who you really are. Do yoga, meditate. It will change your life. Ok off my soap box. Good luck.


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    Message is good. Disagree with food selection though. Frozen vegetables are fine to eat. Boxed foods aren't evil. OVERCONSUMPTION of them is the issue that people have. In the rest of the world, many people eat boxed, canned and packaged items daily, yet don't have the weight issues the US has. Why? They just eat less overall.

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    Be kind to yourself, find something that works for you, and stick to it. Don't hop from one plan to the other. My doc had been trying to convince me to start back on doing macros again with my food. I frowned but talking with the trainer I had I realized its about moderation and measuring and not so much about what's in the box. I also know and have given myself permission to have a cheat day from time to time. I walk or work out 3-5 days a week and I've cut back on that due to the colder weather here in NE. I love the outdoor walks so now its indoor treadmill and weights.