Newbie with PCOS, looking for support and motivation

Hello! I am excited to begin my health and wellness journey, AGAIN, and am trying not together overly frustrated before it even really takes off. Curious if there is anyone out there looking for accountability buddies and/or support! I have 85 lbs to lose and it seems so very daunting. I also suffer from PCOS which most doctors shrug off and have no idea how to handle. Thanks for taking time to read this!


  • hugomerino
    hugomerino Posts: 5 Member
    85 pounds is the main goal ? … take it one day at a time, think of those little steps you need to accomplish, first then that big goal won’t be to overwhelming, if you are looking for workouts I’ll be posting here my workouts they are easy to follow and can do them at the gym or at home, if you need some support let me know, I’m always down to lend a hand, remember this journey is a life style you got this !