Pedometer recommendations?

I would like to start tracking my steps, but I do not have a smart watch (tried and found they give me a rash). Can anyone recommend an old-school style pedometer that is actually pretty reliable? One that clips to a shoe or a waist band or goes around the ankle or something? Thanks.


  • middlehaitch
    middlehaitch Posts: 8,404 Member
    There is a good selection on Amazon. Have a look through and find one that suits you.

    I had one for years that came free in a cereal box. It was the simplest of all, counted steps and km, but did me fine.

    I don’t use anything at all anymore but if I’m curious, (or when I was training for a 10km walking race,) I just stick my (ancient) iPhone in my pocket and check the steps on that.
    You can also, probably, get an app for your phone.

    Cheers, h.
  • yirara
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    It's quite possible that your phone already has a podometer app build in. Just have a look. The Apple Health app tracks steps if it's not disabled (provided it still exists). I'm sure there are several apps to download for free for both Android and Apple. Just have the phone in your pocket and steps will be tracked.
  • MurderMysteryGal
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    The original Fitbit is a clip on and works great, I still have mine minus the charger. Lol.
    Regarding the smart watches, I have a withings steel and I LOVE IT. Looks like a watch, automatically detects my activity, simple user interface and an app that syncs with MFP. They have a newer model but I’m sticking with this until the hands fall off. It’s that simple and useful. They also have a line of other health and wellness products. I found a great replacement band on Amazon. I’m allergic to the plastic/silicone bands. The phone is great but then you can’t leave it at your desk or home or car because you then missed the steps. Anyway, hope you find a great option that will work best for you!