On the one hand I'm "new," on the other I'm not ...

So I've been here before -- I lost over 25 pounds! -- but that was almost a decade ago, before menopause. Now, at 59, all of those pounds are back. Grrr. But at least they didn't bring their friends, so there's that. I'd love to connect with other active members for support, especially any menopausal womyn out there! I love to cook, I love a nice bourbon, I'm all the way over to the left politically, I have two grown daughters (and a husband!), and currently only one dog, though we've had up to three in the past. There's another rescue or two in my future, I'm sure. :). I'm originally from San Francisco, moved to the SF 'burbs to have kids, and recently moved to the Chicago 'burbs for hubby's work. Great to meet you!


  • mrsclean818
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    It seems I DON’T know how to accept a friend request! I think I declined one earlier. Anyone have a pointer for this ‘newbie”? Everything has changed since last time I was here!
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    Looking to add new friends
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    Welcome both!

    If you get a friend request you want to accept, there will be an alert in the top of your page. Go there and accept. If you want to add a friend, if you are in this community section, click on the FIND MEMBERS link on the top of the page, enter the member's name, and from their profile send a friend request. If they don't accept, don't take it personally. Some people don't really do the friend thing. Some people already have more than they can keep up with. And be careful of the catfishers out there. There are plenty.