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Hello, I'm looking for friends with open diaries, who eat between 1400-1800 calories each day, to help give me ideas on how to manage balanced healthy meals that are full of nutrition!
Please feel free to comment your goals from start to finish, and add me if you have an open diary that you log in!


  • AnnPT77
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    My diary is open to friends. I'm in long-term maintenance, still log most days, 5'5", F, age 67, right now about 132 pounds (up a little from the holidays), base calorie goal 1850 (and I also eat back exercise calories in addition).

    I don't know that I'm a paragon of fine nutrition, don't have any religion-strict rules about food choices, but do make it a point on the overwhelming major of days to get a minimum 100g protein (just over 1g/pound of estimated lean body mass), minimum 50g fats with some MUFA/PUFAs in the mix, and at least 400 and ideally more like 800g of varied, colorful fruits and veggies. I'm vegetarian (ovo-lacto), if that matters, don't normally use protein powder, protein bars, faux meats, or that sort of thing.

    I'm not very active in the MFP friend side of things, but do accept friend requests and do answer questions (DM or on my timeline) about what I eat or why. I don't usually close my diary, so no message on the timeline, but it's open to friends to view if they like.

    If that appeals to you, send me a FR, but I won't be offended if you're not interested. Either way, best wishes!
  • pamperedlinny
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    I have an open diary and eat anywhere from 1200 to 1800 a day. Usually around 1500. I don't know that I have the absolute best nutrition choices but I am diet and exercise controlled type 2 diabetic so I have to keep nutrition at least partially in that picture and not just calories. I admit that I actually love steamed broccoli so I'll get on a kick and you'll see it for a month... then I'll get tired of it. I go through a lot of rotations like that. Between leftovers or cravings that I have I'll have similar things for a week or so then it will change up again.
    I'm open to friend requests and interacting with people. :smile:
  • herblovinmom
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    Hi, I friend requested you. My diary is open and I log most days. I aim to eat gluten free low dairy low carb low calorie as recommended by my doctors for weight loss, and long term health. Most days I eat organic non gmo grass fed free range pasture raised wild caught. I still eat out more than I’d like to and sometimes I eat too many chips, ahh how I love chips, but I’m mostly consistent and can be supportive and motivating 🤗
  • quolwy
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    Thank everyone! I'm excited to share our health journeys together!
  • tealcot
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    That’s me, feel free to add. I enjoy seeing people’s open diaries as well.
  • sarabushby
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    My diary is open, I sent a friend request and a little about myself
  • Creamtea42
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    My diary is open …. Recent re starter with 80lbs overall to lose…..
  • tigerlinly
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    My doctor has me on 1200 a day calories although I do slip up