Looking for active friends

Hi there...I have just gotten back on track after slacking over the past year. I have always found active supportive friends help! Looking for some new faces to support and lose with. Feel free to friend me and I will do the same in return! Happy Health Journey everyone! <3 BethMarieVA


  • MattyVonB
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    I am in the complete same boat, trying to get this all back on course and get back on track health wise! WE GOT THIS!
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    Welcome back @BethMarieVA

    For a bunch of new faces and support, I can suggest a group of supportive people to share your struggles, challenges, and victories with. The name of the group is "Lose 1 Pound a Week and Keep it Off," and the focus is to STICK TO IT! THIS IS YOUR INVITATION to join us!

    The group has a number of ongoing challenges, and we try to have a fun "special" challenge each week. All the challenges are voluntary except goal-setting and a weekly weight check-in. Pick one, pick some or pick none of the others. Start and stop whenever you want.

    Click on the link above (or this one), then click the JOIN link and someone will approve you soon. We're run by a group of committed volunteers, so It might take a day, but you will be approved. It's a private group, so anything you post only goes to other group members, not the entire MFP universe. We don't tolerate bad behavior and support all of MFP's guidelines and a few more to keep it friendly and supportive.

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    Welcome back. I agree, its motivating when having friends with same interests, and when I and them motivate each other :) Feel free to add me if you want :)