BlueLaurie92 Posts: 12 Member
I'm looking to try some new foods. I'm hearing tofu is good for protein, so I was wondering if anyone had some recipes they could share with me.
I'm not vegan or vegetarian; I don't have any allergies or any other dietary restrictions. Let me know what you have.


  • Rockmama1111
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    I just looked back through my diary because I recently made a tofu stir fry that I loved. I don’t have a recipe but I’ll try to explain:

    Cubed super-firm tofu, dusted with corn starch, browned in a sprayed pan with a tiny bit of a peanut oil/sesame oil mixture. (You could use regular vegetable oil.) Removed tofu from the pan and cooked the vegetables. I used mushrooms, green onions, and a lot of shredded cabbage, but you could use a lot of veggies in this. Added the tofu back in with some Thai sweet chili sauce and topped with sesame seeds.

    I remember thinking, “Was this really THAT good?” I don’t know if I was super hungry or what!

    I also tried making crispy tofu in my air fryer and it was a giant failure.

  • msaysena3286
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    I use my tofu press to get out as much water as I can. Then fry to make it crispy, but not too crispy. The sauce that I use is sesame oil with reduced sodium soy sauce with a bit of chili flakes//hot sauce. It is so filling and delicious! <3
  • MaggieGirl135
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    I’m a bit lazier in cooking tofu…extra firm, press 5-10 min (pressing it for longer doesn’t seem to get out too much more liquid), cube it, place it on spray oiled parchment, spray oil on top of it and pop in oven…probably 400F…until browned a bit. I don’t bother to flip. I added in anything where I need some protein, even salads. If I added it to salads then I’ll also toss it with dressing/BBQ sauce (orange Norhth Carolina or Korean).
  • bathsheba_c
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    This is more a cooking method than a specific recipe. Slice your tofu lengthwise. Dry out the slices. Soak them in a sauce or marinade of your choice. Sear them on a grill pan or griddle.
  • jonperelstein
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    Most supermarkets now have prepared tofu - with different kinds of spices; fried, baked or roasted, etc. Saves a lot of time.

    Also, if you like tofu, try tempeh. It's a fermented soybean with a nutty flavor and consistency, and a lot more protein while still being almost no fat.