Cravings and Probiotics

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Has anyone had success using probiotics and/or fiber supplements to help curb sugar cravings? I keep seeing adds for different probiotics and fiber that supposedly curb craving but I don't fully believe it. I've read articles that seem reliable but they also talk about digestive issues which I don't really have. I want to stop the cravings for my health but I'm also worried about totally wrecking my stomach with probiotic/fiber. Any opinions or help is much appreciated!


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    Have you considered eating foods that naturally contain probiotics or fiber? If those two things curb cravings, the food-sourced versions might have a similar effect, plus you'd get other nutrition from them, and there's very little chance you'd wreck your wreck your stomach unless you have an unusual food sensitivity or allergy. People have been eating these foods for centuries. Bonus fact: Quite a few people find high-fiber veggies filling, which does reduce cravings for those who respond to them that way.

    It's always the case that it's a cautious thing to increase fiber gradually, whether getting it from food or a supplement. A large increase of fiber all at once certainly can cause digestive distress. Phase it in somewhat gradually, and you give your body and your gut microbes a chance to adapt less disruptively.

    If you increase fiber, don't get enough fluids, and don't get enough fats in your diet . . . well that's a recipe for constipation, and no one enjoys that. A somewhat common scenario here on MFP is to see someone dramatically increase veggies, fruits and whole grains - because they're theoretically "good foods", right? At the same time they cut way, way back on fat intake - because fat is high in calories, right? Well, even without hydration problems, it's pretty common for those people to become constipated. Not fun.

    Probiotic supplements are trendy and under-researched. On top of that, in the US - if that's where you happen to be - supplements of all types are poorly regulated. That's a bad combination, IMO. I don't take probiotic supplements, do eat multiple types of probiotic foods regularly. Many of the high-fiber veggies are prebiotic, i.e., they're what the gut microbes like to eat - the gut microbes that the probiotics are trying to establish in your body.

    Just a thought. Or two. ;)
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    Sugar cravings for some people are debilitating, first hand experience here and the only thing that really helps is removing them as much as possible. A whole food diet higher in protein and if your not a plant based advocate the better success you'll probably have.

    Why a probiotic or fiber supplements might make a substantial difference for people in a position where sugar is an actual situation of concern doesn't make any logical sense to me without some pretty fancy verbal gymnastics that is more based in dogma than anything else.

    I would try and replace most refined grains with whole grains where you can and reduce total carb consumption to 150g's or less a day. Fruit occasionally doesn't seem to effect me personally but I would keep them to berries for yogurts or cheese and charcuterie plates for example. anyway i hope you find some relieve, but i don't think your going to find it in a probiotic or fiber supplements imo. Cheers
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    I drink kombucha cut with sparkling water every evening - that's a probiotic I guess - and I have not seen any consequence (positive or negative) for my insane sweet tooth. I hadn't known there might be any correlation there.
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    No. My diet is naturally high in fermented foods, like yogurt and pickles, and I still love sugar. Fiber might help if you don’t already get enough of it because fiber helps you feel fuller for longer. I know that, when I’m hungry before mealtime is when I tend to overdo it on sugar.

    What helped me is that I don’t deny myself sugar, but I recognize that I only need a little bit to hit the spot. So instead of eating a whole ice cream, I’ll get the smallest size, or I won’t do second helpings of cake.