Accountability before I crumble!

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Hey Everyone, I’m in a position in life where the people around me don’t understand what I’m going through losing weight. Support and structure are what I need, and I’m making some amazing progress, but I need someone to check in with and make recommendations or just give me the tough love to stay the path. I have to do this for me and my family, but I feel like I’m going it alone. If anyone thinks they can help, I’d really appreciate a friend or two. Thanks so much to all of you!


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    Boy, I can def relate to what your saying!!!!!! My hubby is supportive and if I'm having a bad time of things I can talk to him. But then again he came home with recees cups for me today. Course I ate them. I was like dude really!?!
    Given that he is good to talk to. But like you said doesn't really understand at a personal level. He's one of the lucky ones who can eat whatever and stay skinny.
    Anyway, I'm with ya sista!!! Maybe we can help each other out?
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    I started a thread called Daily check in for support and accountability. Check it out ans see if it something that may work for for you.
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    For sure! I added you and I’ll definitely add your group! It’s hard when people are always rooting you on, only to then pop open a fresh cake from the bakery as you stare at your plate of “spring mix” and olive oil “spritzer” 😂🤣😭
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    For sure! I added you and I’ll definitely add your group! It’s hard when people are always rooting you on, only to then pop open a fresh cake from the bakery as you stare at your plate of “spring mix” and olive oil “spritzer” 😂🤣😭

    @Dom1331_D Yes! I had an event last night and someone told me to just "work it off at the gym tomorrow" when I said I was only eating a half of one dessert instead of trying a bit of all 3 available. It doesn't work that way for me. I can have boundaries, or I don't. It took me YEARS to find my workable, long term, livable boundaries. They acted like they couldn't believe I was saying no. I came home and had a protein shake to finish filling myself up. I quite literally told one of the ladies "get behind me Satan" at bible study when they tried to tell me it was fine to have a little extra.
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    I find that my friends and family in real life do not want to talk about my weight, my food habits, etc. It’s just kind of awkward for many people who try not to pay detailed attention to other peoples bodies.

    So I think it’s a good move to find some support here and not take it personally if you don’t get that kind of encouragement elsewhere.
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    I can relate. Mom says she supports me but all she does is criticize what I put in my mouth
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    Read these boards and join in. The encouragement is amazing.

    Can I just suggest try talking to your mom? Apparently I’m the Mom From Hell, and I have no idea why or what I do. I would sincerely love someone to sit down and tell me in a calm nonconfrontational adult manner “Mom, this is what you do/did that drives me crazy”.

    I would sincerely make an effort to change, but I don’t know what to change. Maybe your mom is the same. I don’t think most moms are actively out here trying to sabotage you or earn your unending dislike and disrespect.

    We’ve done the very best we can and we don’t get a do over.

    Maybe you’re reading your own frustration or
    disappointment with yourself into your mom’s mouth? Or amping up perceived criticism until it fills your brain? I was bad for that.

    OTOH my family is so toxic that it wasn’t til I set them on the side that clouds lifted.

    Anyway, sorry for the aside. Your comment just hit me. Talk to your mom. Show her MFP, explain your plan, maybe even encourage her to join you? Or encourage her to encourage you.
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    I started back tracking on MFP a week ago and happy to have more accountability partners, let’s support and motivate each other!