Restarting my journey!

Hey friends!
I am restarting my weight loss journey. I had lost a significant amount of weight with diet and exercise in 2019, but have gained it all plus quite a bit since the pandemic and have lost all of my good habits. Hoping to gain like minded friends who have trouble with lifestyle changes and who are looking to share tips and tricks with on what works for each other! I am 32 and have a husband who is also working on weight loss and two young boys who we both want to be able to keep up with!
Also dealing with PCOS, so anyone also struggling with losing weight with that would be wonderful to connect with!

Sending good vibes to you all and hope you have a wonderful, healthy week! ❤️


  • HookPunchHala
    HookPunchHala Posts: 1 Member
    Hello! I'm struggling hard with starting over. I lost with MFP in...2010 maybe?
    I also have PCOS, and I have been a borderline diabetic since I was a kid.
    I struggled to manage my weight in my early 20's and have up after becoming a mom.
    I switched from a physical job to a desk job last year and gained about 50lbs.
    This has pushed my weight loss goal to 100lbs.

    I am alarmed at how much body strength I have lost and how rapidly I've gained weight.
    I've tried restarting a couple times in the past, but I need it to stick this time!
  • SusanMunkner
    SusanMunkner Posts: 5 Member
    Same girlfriend. I was down 50 and now am heavier than before. I let stress eating dominate. Now I have 57 to get back down.