How to get a six pack?…..

Have been working out at the gym doing various exercises, including crunches, any other tips on how to get stomach fat down other than just crunches and cardio?


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    The muscles are already there. The only way to get them to show is by being in a calorie deficit. That's it. Once you lose enough fat around your core, you will start seeing muscles there. True 'six pack' is like sub 10% body fat and unless you are going to be competing, you will probably never get there, nor would you want to.

    But yeah - long story short, more cardio, less calories and you will see muscles in places you did not know you had them
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    Sadly, nobody can spot-reduce body fat. When you lose fat, the body chooses which fat comes off first, not the mind. For some people (ok, most, including me) the body fat around the core is among the LAST to come off, which is why the rule of thumb is 10% like said above, though some people start to see hints when you get below 15%.

    With or without cardio, losing fat is a function of calories, which is 90% what/how much you eat. Cardio can speed up the process, but people can lower body fat without any cardio by controlling their diet.

    Crunches and other abdominal exercises strengthen the muscles, but won't play a part in showing off what you have. But a strong core is essential for life as well as helping brace during just about every other type of exercise, so keep up with the core exercises.
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    I think most of the celebrities you see that have well defined abs have had surgical help. I'm also guessing many use pharmaceuticals (anabolic steroids). Unlike sports, there is no requirement to be drug free to be an actor. I know nothing in particular, but Chris Pratt's famous 6-month transformation from dough boy to muscle man is particularly suspicious.

    Also, there's nothing particularly healthy about having <10% bodyfat. And, it can have long-term health consequences if you take it to an extreme. When I look at Brendon Frasier now, I see a guy who spent the first part of his life trying to look good-- starving himself for the roles he got. His life crashed down all around him, and that is incredibly sad.

    So: If you're fit and able and at a reasonable weight, fork having defined abs! Just keep on getting better at things you want to do!
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    There's also good advice in the place where you cross-posted this thread. In case you misplaced one or the other and can't find that one, it's here: