homemade protein bar... close, but...



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    This is the entry I use
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    i tried another brand of protein powder, and it would appear that heating whey isolate protein powder in a liquid makes a gross, drying curd. i see several ways to go with this.
    It’s a byproduct of yogurt and cheesemaking.

    I accumulate it two ways. I strain yogurt to make a cream cheese. The liquid that drains off is whey.

    Or, you get it straining the heated and set milk when making homemade yogurt or skyr.

    I get about two quarts of whey for every gallon of skim milk I use. (It’s ultimately more than a gallon because you mix rennet in water, plus you add a serving size of the last batch to ”seed” the next, so you ultimately end up straining a gallon and a pint.) Two quarts of whey and about ten servings skyr.

    There is a listing here that’s fairly close. Someone calculated 60 calories per cup of homemade whey. I ran the numbers using 100 calories per cup of homemade skyr with that quantity of skim milk and and the numbers tallied.

    I wonder if kefir would work? It’s readily available. I was making homemade kefir for a while and using it to make cupcakes. They were light and fluffy with no ingredients except a box of cake mix and kefir.

    I gave up on kefir making because its so warm here my kefir grains were producing way more than we could ever drink and we certainly couldn’t eat that many cupcakes without blowing calories. We even got to the point we were blending the kefir grains themselves into smoothies. (Supposed probiotic effects. ) I felt bad making kefir regularly just to throw it out, to keep the grains from spoiling.

    The kefir situation was so frenetic, we jokingly called the kefir jar Tribbles, it was that bad.

    i love kefir! i tried making it once, and it worked out okay, maybe because i didn't try it in the summer. sourdough starter also grows madly in summer, but if you don't feed it more often, it gets unhealthy.