work as exercise?

Hi, I have described myself as moderately active. But my work as a cook can be as physically demanding as a workout and continuous for hours on end. Do we log these hours or are the calibrated into our calculation. I've been adding it, but now I'm not sure.


  • KatyE213
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    If you've already worked it into your set activity level then no, you can't add it again. The calories provided to you already take account of your moderately active lifestyle.
  • It is always such a hard thing to figure out, because I've always heard that if it is your "normal" routine it isn't considered exercise. But you are definitely burning calories that you might not on a different day. I have finally gone back to my BodyBugg. It tracks the true calories burned. I had quit using it for a long time because of having to pay the monthly fee, but after looking at all the other options out there right now (in regards to devices to track calories burned, steps etc) it is the only one that can tell how many calories you're burning, not assumption of burn. I know this isn't much help, but it was my solution to get my butt back on track. I'm down 12 pounds in the last month with using MFP and it together.:bigsmile:
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    If weight loss is your goal, I recommend that you set it to sedentary and don't even bother trying to count the walking around you do at work.
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    Thank you! I changed my setting to light activity and am just going to ignore crazy shifts... it should pay off on the scale hopefully! :)