New and frustrated

Hello all!
I’m Linda and new here although not new at to weight struggles. I’m 41 years old and have lost and gained through the years but always went back to the basics of how to lose weight and it always worked! This time nothing seems to work! The scale will not budge! I’m 5’6 and I weigh 235 and with at least an hour workout 5 days a week and eating around 1400 calories nothing is happening!! I’m not gonna give up though and I hope something changes soon. My goal is 190 for now.


  • kathykirby05
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    Hi Linda, I'm new here too, also 41. I feel your pain, I've done weight watchers for years to maintain my weight but always gain and then loose, gain and then loose again. It's so hard. I don't know how to add friends yet, but add me and we can support each other.
  • snowflake954
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    I would ask if you're weighing and measuring all your food and drink with a digital food scale? Also MFP is set up to eat back exercise calories on top of your daily goal. What kind of burn are you getting with your exercise? Are you eating back all those calories?
  • neanderthin
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    1400 sure sounds low enough to work based on your stats. When did you start?
  • Tekibee
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    I'm in the same boat, have been doing Noom for the last few months and have lost and found the same 5 lbs... yesterday I came back to mfp and read some of the comments and am always inspired by the long haulers... so.. today I'm beginning the hard , but rewarding journey of measuring every single thing that goes in my mouth... I've seen first hand that it works.. have a great day
  • sarabushby
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    If you open your diary and invite constructive feedback then some of the experienced users on here can help you perhaps figure out where you could make some tweaks.

    Most of us who’ve been around a long time have been there, made that mistake, so you might as well benefit from this and hopefully you’ll find yourself back heading towards your goal and feeling better about things.