Weekend sharing…pet peeves and guilty pleasures!!

Sweatinginmy40s Posts: 43 Member
Let’s hear it all you fantastic fitness peeps….

What’s one guilty pleasure?
What’s one pet peeve?

I’ll start…

Guilty pleasure = cotton candy grapes
Pet peeve = people with a full cart in the 10 items or less line….come on!!

Answer as many times as you want!!!

And go!


  • PlentyofProtein00
    PlentyofProtein00 Posts: 3,505 Member
    Guilty pleasure: mfp
    Pet peeve: unnecessary rudeness
  • MelG7777
    MelG7777 Posts: 13,873 Member
    Guilty pleasure: a reaction channel/discord I watch and visit
    Pet Peeve: people who don’t even workout questioning things I do
    Them: “do you ever take a day off, you need some rest”
    Me: “sir, leave me alone”
    Of course I take days off🙄
  • PlentyofProtein00
    PlentyofProtein00 Posts: 3,505 Member
    GP: sour candies
    Pp: passive aggressive comments
  • R3d_butt3rfly_
    R3d_butt3rfly_ Posts: 1,351 Member
    GP: Love is Blind on Netflix 😐
    PP: Teens at my gym. Listen, I don't mind teens who want to feel better and get healthy instead of running the streets and building a rap sheet but if you're going to the gym, do the work. Don't treat it like a playground. Don't hog the machines for longer than 10 minutes. Don't run around chasing eat other and most of all, don't vape at the gym!!!
  • lrw327
    lrw327 Posts: 73 Member
    GP: Tito’s and propel 🥃
    PP: bad parking 😒
  • ___Soundwave___
    ___Soundwave___ Posts: 1,101 Member
    GP: popcorn with all the butter
    PP: people speeding recklessly through a parking lot
  • lando_rooney
    lando_rooney Posts: 431 Member
    GP: pizza
    PP: people not returning their damn shopping carts.
  • nossmf
    nossmf Posts: 7,555 Member
    GP: chocolate chip ice cream (both vanilla and chocolate based)
    PP: impatient drivers who tailgate or cut you off
  • anna_avo93
    anna_avo93 Posts: 64 Member
    GP: MasterChef
    PP: people give you a role at work but say no to all your suggestions within that role
  • cbswiish
    cbswiish Posts: 1 Member
    Halogen headlights