Back again… and need support!

Hey, everyone! :)

I think the last time I religiously tracked calories was in college - about 7 years ago :# It helped me achieve tremendous results and I was the leanest I’ve ever been. That was about 60lbs ago. I didn’t like how much calorie counting consumed me and my mind, and I don’t want it to become something I go overboard with again. BUT, I think it’s time to bring more awareness to how much I’m really consuming each day. I tend to say that I don’t know how my weight has spiked so much in such a short period of time, convinced it can’t be food… but I guess I’ll know that for certain now that I’m back! My goal is to lose about 30 pounds in a steady and sustainable way.

Add me! Let’s pump each other up and peep each other’s diaries!!


  • sarabushby
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    My diary is open so you’re welcome to snoop away :)