Weight Gain

jadu1536 Posts: 109 Member
I have been following my nutrition plan and working out, and my weight is up 8 lbs!
I don't get it..


  • tomcustombuilder
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    There can be a few factors
    - you picked too high of a lifestyle category
    - you are underestimating your calorie intake
    - you are overestimating your calories burned through exercise
    - you are not counting all of your weekly calories

    Any of these or a combination of these is generally the culprit. Sometimes water fluctuation can occur as gaining 8 lbs of fat would normally take a couple of months so if you've gained that weight fairly quickly it's most likely water
  • yirara
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    In which period of time?
    did anything happen during this time, e.g. did you start exercising, did new exercise, menstrual cycle?
    how often do you weigh yourself?
    and what are your stats?
  • soliloquy72
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    How much time did it take for this weight gain?

    What exercise program are you following and are you new to regular exercise?

    Have you noticed your clothes fitting tighter, about the same, or looser?

    The scale is the poorest way to gauge your progress. I'm a personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist and many of my clients will go down an entire clothing size but their weight will stay the same or even go up a bit. But this takes consistency over time, to reduce body fat and increase muscle & bone.