Looking for friends... 🇦🇺 weightloss & PCOS



I think I'm on about a 10 day streak, back here for the third time.

Just looking for some friends who are on the same page as I am so hopefully we can support each other and see what works for each other.

I have PCOS, I have had sciatica for 2+ years but recently had surgery to fix it. I have insulin resistance due to PCOS and it's harder to see a loss on the scales.

I have previously lost about 18kg with IF but finding it a little harder to get on that bandwagon this time around.

From 🇦🇺, so would be good to have some local friends with local foods in their diary.

Also I don't really want friends that just lurk and have nothing much on their feed, I'd prefer to interact a bit and encourage each other... makes it more interesting.


  • durden
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    Welcome back @anna_avo93! Wishing you the best of luck on your journey, and congrats on the 10 day streak!