Starting Fresh

Hello all! I am a 33 year old female living in South Dakota who recently got married and wants to start a family! Unfortunately I have been diagnosed with PCOS and Type 2 Diabetes for a little while now so getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy are going to be challenges for me. However, I am not afraid of a challenge, so I am joining myfitnesspal to help me track my food intake and my exercise to help me make better decisions for my life.

I have used WW with success in the past but am wanting to try a more lifelong approach that won't break the bank (plus WW is not for pregnant women and I want to get pregnant so...). My poor food choices and my poor decision to live life as though I don't have diabetes have me in a bit of a tough spot currently. I would love other young people who have T2D to share with because it's a tough disease to have when you feel alone with it.

Although I am scared to get my lab work done and hear a scolding from my doctor, I know I need to get the numbers so I can have a starting point and I can track the NSVs that matter most.

What's the best way to connect with others using MFP? How can I help support you?


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    Hi there. I read your post and I wanted to reach out to you. I myself have Type2 Diabetes, and your right in that it can feel like you’re alone at times when the closet people around you don’t suffer from this condition. I have managed to turn my life around and put it in remission by eating better and exercising. If you’d like to add me I’d love to help motivate and support you in your weight loss journey.