Hi, I have added all my details in and my recommended calories have come up but i can't find anywhere to put in that I am breastfeeding anyone know?

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    Since breastfeeding varies for each woman, we don't currently offer a specific recommendation for adjusting your calories. However, if you obtain a calorie estimate from your doctor or nutritionist, you can easily change your calorie goal to account for the difference.

    To adjust your calorie goal:

    In the Android, iPad and iPhone app:

    Select "Goals" in the Menu (or "More" page) then "Calories" under Nutrition Goals.

    Selecting the current goal will allow you to change it. Be sure to save your changes.

    ​As an alternative, you may log "breastfeeding" as an exercise. Once you have a calorie estimate, you can add "breastfeeding" as a custom cardiovascular exercise to your exercise database.