Weight Gain but Waist is the same

okay guys so here it is really need some help and a way to reset.

so in Aug . 2022 my sugar was out of control i was testing at 3,4 500. i was weighting about 266 it was bad so drained no sex drive guess u can say had ED is was sooo hard every find my mojo.

Fast foward top the end of Sept.2022 i got depressed and i was just barely eating taking meds and in that 2- 3-month strand, i got down to 243lbs felt good no carbs eating once a day and living off of caffeine energy drinks and coffee my mojo was back the gf was in love again lol . my sugar was good i was testing in the 100's rarely got to 200's so i kind of got undepressed i didn't forgive my gf/sons mom but just tried to move on and the habits started again slowly.

But now i am back in that place i am testing at 3,400's again i am 266lbs so drained lost my mojo again and i feel so bloated and swollen . so i need some help oh how i can reset and stop all the bloating and swollen in my face a stomach i know i am not the only one this has happened to thanks in advance.