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xlendeex Posts: 3
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Hello there :-) looking for some uk friends... I'm 25 and exercise a lot!!! Would like some buddy's :-)

Also I'm 5 ft 7 x


  • nerakma
    nerakma Posts: 77 Member
    I am from Sussex. 5'2" and into running. On here daily (hourly lol).FR sent.
  • xlendeex
    Great thank u!!! Looking for some motivation hopefully we can help each other!!
  • scuzziemoo
    scuzziemoo Posts: 13 Member
    Hey, also from the UK, more a long distance walker than a runner, but still determined to keep going and achieve my weight goals.

    Heather x
  • methodman78
    methodman78 Posts: 126 Member
    Add me too (if you are cool with having male friends?)

    I log daily, eat a hell of a lot and am always there for motivation, I lift weights but no cardio at the moment due to years of pub league football and getting kicked often :)
  • Slatzuk
    Slatzuk Posts: 80 Member
    Add an old man if you like.
  • DLS05
    DLS05 Posts: 42 Member
    Anyone can add me :) 23year old! Beginner to running and yoga :)
  • TheRagnarok
    5'7 140lb muffin top in London!
  • amwood89
    amwood89 Posts: 165 Member
    Hey! I'm 24 & in need of a bit of motivation & support when it comes to exercise. I also exercise a fair bit, but takes a lot of effort for me to do it! Ha.

    Currently focusing on weights/strength but also a keen runner. Feel free to add, happy to help anyone if I can!

  • Callie_Wallie_Woo
    Hey, you (anyone) can add me! I am a runner and I also do Insanity, Pilates and classes! :o) x
  • m_onamission
    m_onamission Posts: 25 Member
    Londoner here! 26, 5"5 and about 11lb to lose. Trying the whole clean eating thing, and quite enjoying running (not very good at it) and swimming (quite good). Looking into doing some strength training, but not sure where to start. Would like some more friends, so feel free to add me, everyone!
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