How do you deal with sleep and missing someone?



  • TheOlderTheBetter
    TheOlderTheBetter Posts: 9 Member
    "Attitude of gratitude" is a little game I play. They say focusing on being thankful keeps the wolves at bay. So I good through the alphabet in my mind assigning one thing I'm grateful for to each letter. It's my game so I have my rules: no food (I don't want to go there), and no people names (it makes the game too easy). The idea is have just a bit of mental struggle to take you away to slumber land while having good thoughts. I almost never make it to Z.
  • stephiken
    stephiken Posts: 4 Member
    A body pillow helped me through my divorce. Hope this helps. :)
  • Mark031111
    Mark031111 Posts: 15 Member
    try to walk or jog to reduce stress, listen to calming music
  • mizroxy13
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    I know I’m late to this, but have you tried conscious breathing with maybe a mantra? When you connect your thoughts to your breath, you change the physical patterns in your body, which then changes your mind patterns. With each inhale you can use a mantra like “I am loved”, and start to change your thoughts. 🤍
  • Mindfullee555
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    Sometimes when we hold on too tightly we resist our surrender to it. Surrender that your life is taking a different trajectory. It will get easier. Promise
  • OhioDido
    OhioDido Posts: 32 Member
    I pray for peace about the situation.

    Otherwise it breaks me.
  • nolongergordo
    nolongergordo Posts: 35 Member
    Depends why you're missing them.

    I mean if she's an ex, that's a tough one and you'll just have to ride it out until you fill that hole with someone else or other positive things in your life. No quick fix to that sort of thing.
    Hobbies, exercise, work, friends. There are a lot of things you can do to reduce her impact on your brain.

    Good luck bro
  • meganlea33
    meganlea33 Posts: 40 Member
    That is a tough one because there is no short sweet answer. Grief is hard an no one quite goes through it the same way. I really recommend reaching out to those you trust to talk about it and process. Sending lots of love and good vibes!