Using the 5-week projected weight to validate my logging

Was wondering if anyone else does something like this...

Quick background - joined MFP in 2011 after the birth of my youngest. Tend to lose the same 15kg pretty easily, then regain slowly over a couple of years. Back in healthy weight again after my most recent drop.

I love using the 5 week projected weight, and find it really useful to validate the calories I log. Each day I complete my diary I note the projected weight, and note down the date. Then 5 weeks later I can compare my current weight against the projection using a spreadsheet. The projected weight is really volatile but gives me an upper and lower range which I'd expect my weight to track inside if everything is being logged appropriately.

I find this both satisfying and reassuring. Reassuring because I must be logging reasonably correctly for the projection to match reality. And satisfying because I can realistically anticipate weight loss within that projected range.

Anyone else do this? I can't be the only spreadsheet junkie out there!


  • SummerSkier
    SummerSkier Posts: 4,877 Member
    I know a lot of folks don't pay much attention to that 5 week projection because it will change as you log your weight but I kind of like it and altho I am in maintenance when I need to cycle back down a little it's one of the tools I use. I will admit that it was also very encouraging back in 2017 when I was working on losing as it encouraged me to just keep going for 5 weeks to see if that dang # would be close. And I did a spreadsheet also. It was sort of hit or miss but even years later it will tends to help me and encourage me for some silly reason.
  • csplatt
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    The estimate is encouraging for me but not necessarily accurate. As long as I have a downward trend when I want to have a downward trend, I'm happy. I don't compare my progress to the promises in those estimates.